“She Sleeps with Him”: Nigerian Man Who Married a Single Mum of 2 Says He is Tired, Leaks Her Secrets Online

“She Sleeps with Him”: Nigerian Man Who Married a Single Mum of 2 Says He is Tired, Leaks Her Secrets Online

A Nigerian man, @adejaAi, has cried out on Twitter that he is tired of his marriage to a single mother of two.

His lamentation was a response to another netizen who shared how men can keep their women in check for a long-term relationship….CONTINUE READING

@adejaAi said his wife’s ex was a bad fellow but that has not stopped her from constantly paying him a visit.

He added that he put her kids in school and provides for the family but she denies him intercourse.

“Seriously, I’m tired. I’m in a relationship with a single mother with two kids. Her ex who has the kids was a bad man, according to her. Done all my best to send her kids to school, feed her, feed them. She told me no sex, bt constantly visiting her ex for sex and we’re married o,” he wrote.

When a netizen replied him that his wife must be cheating on him, the man responded:

“I know. She sleeps with him. But she said it’s because he’s the father of her kids and the Man is depressed because he lost his job.”

See his tweet below:

Reactions on social media

@zannons_ said:

“God will bless you for doing all these for her. I promise you. Just continue. Remember you are doing this for her, her ex, your step kids, yourself, for God, the son & the Holy Spirit. Your reward is in heaven!”

@ugoezeik said:

“Honestly, if to say I know your dad, na me for report you to him personally. I hate nonsense, walahi.”

@Ceasar20201 said:

“You dey craze ,them need gather all the three year old children for your area make them use cane flog you.”

@eddielamp1 said:

“Plenty single ladies all over the place find one and settle with her. You are being used.”

@NuelAdejumo said:

“If this story is true then you need premium flogging after we deliver you from your “wife.”

@TheEmmanuel001 said:

“Bro. As you are seeing this my tweet call your mum to take you to the village to wash your head OR run to MFM they should use fire to remove that spell on your head. Abi ori love fe baje ni…. That’s Labouring in vain ooo. U self don ment.”

Single mum cries out as boyfriend denies her pregnancy

Meanwhile, Previously reported that a single mum had cried out as her boyfriend denied her pregnancy.

She shared pictures of her newborn on TikTok and some clips of her time with the baby’s daddy as she apologised to the baby.

She apologised to her baby girl, saying she is sorry for giving her a daddy that doesn’t appreciate her. She went on to release her WhatsApp chats with him wherein he denied getting her pregnant.

While expressing love for the kid, she said she hopes that someday he notices how amazing their baby is….CONTINUE READING

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