An Embarrassing Incident In Their House Between Her Boyfriend And Her Friends Made Her Reconsider Her Relationship

An Embarrassing Incident In Their House Between Her Boyfriend And Her Friends Made Her Reconsider Her Relationship

The screams at the door caught Tina off-guard. She stood, her heart pounding and her throat dry. She wanted to scream too. What do you do when you are scared and that thing scaring you is unknown? Screaming it was. But then, common sense returned, and she decided to stay calm to know what was happening before she reacted.

As she was still standing, shaking more than a leaf during a windy afternoon, she recognized the voice that had screamed.

“Dan?” Sophia shouted.

Sophia’s exclamation had been followed by complaints from Harriet and Yvonne. They were all complaining and shouting at whatever had scared them to the extent of almost sending them to their graves.

“Dan, how can you do such a thing?” Yvonne screamed.

“You have no clothes kwani, even shorts?” Harriet asked.

That’s when Tina regained her composure. She made hasty steps towards the living room where the commotion was. This happened within seconds and when she was entering the living room, Dan was picking up the towel he had tied himself with before going to answer the door.

During that time, her friends had made several steps back and were each looking the other way. They were still complaining and cursing.

That is when Tina understood what had happened. The two were expecting their friends and they were not sure when they’d come. They just knew it was on that specific day, Saturday. Harriet, Sophia, and Yvonne had come earlier than expected.

When there was a knock on the door, not in their wildest imagination could they have thought it could have been the people they thought were coming. Dan, who loved walking naked around the house, had no clothes on as usual. He took a towel wrapped it around his waist and walked to the door to answer it.

That was when the towel fell and all the commotion ensued. This realization made Tina feel more embarrassed than how Dan might have felt. Tina walked up to the door to call her friends who made moves around the front door of their apartment not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Dan had gone to dress.

One thing Tina did not know was how things would be after this. As she tried to engage with her friends in that very uncomfortable situation, the friends were not willing to get into the house anymore.

“Baby girl, what was that?” Sophia could not even give Tina a minute to breathe.

“Relax guys. Relax,” Tina tried to make them cool down.

“Really Tina? How can we relax after what we just saw?” Harriet angrily asked Tina.

Before she could say anything, Sophia asked the important question. “Kwani you guys forgot we were coming?” She failed to understand how such could have happened yet the two love birds knew they were coming.

“Wait, did we interrupt something?” Yvonne asked.

The three knew that even though Tina had mentioned her guy liked walking naked, it could not have been to the extent of answering the door in that state. Maybe he liked it so much so that he answered doors while wrapped in towels, but couldn’t there be some modesty and a bit of change when friends were coming over?

In the middle of all the chaos, Tina still thought that the friends would get in and have a cup of coffee as they ease the tension.

“Can we at least get in, babes,” she said.

The three could not believe what Tina was proposing. How could they just sit and have a cup of coffee with a guy whom they had seen his nakedness, something they were not supposed to even imagine?

“Are you serious right now, Tina?” Sophia had asked, with surprise on her face.

“Yes…” The other two added, showing that they were on the same page with Sophia, they did not see getting in and facing Dan as a comfortable thing to do.

“Tina we can’t. Maybe another day.” Harriet said.

Considering the weight of what had happened, Tina found this proposition considerate. She too, could not stomach the thought of sharing a room with her three friends who had just seen her naked man. The tension could be crazy.

Tina, therefore, did not press them to enter the house like it would be in any other instance when they are around. She accepted their request to leave. It was better that way.

She imagined how devastating it would have been for Dan too. It was without a doubt that the three friends would keep on undressing her man mentally every time, she knew them well. Just like that, the day they had planned to spend some time together went down the drain.

She walked them to the gate and when coming back, so many things raced through her mind. What was next now? She wondered. She tried to envision the first words they would talk about once she entered the house but she was not sure.

When she reached the door, she paused, took a deep breath, and opened it. She found Dan seated on the couch scrolling on his phone. This time around, he was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt.

Though he seemed busy scrolling, it was evident that his mind was not on whatever was on the screen. His mind was on something else, most likely the recent ordeal of his nakedness before his woman’s friends.

There was an uncomfortable moment of silence between them. Tina was trying to find the appropriate words to break the silence. On the other hand, Dan was trying to stay collected and confident even with the details of what had just happened being fresh.

“Sorry, babe. I can imagine how you feel.” Said Tina, with sincerity from the deepest parts of her heart. She imagined how terrible it would have felt had it been her in that situation.

“Thanks so much, babe.” Dan had said, putting his phone on the couch and slouching into the couch.

He was not looking at Tina in the face, rather, he stared into space. Tina could see the pain of shame on his face. She wanted to do something, but what could she have possibly done to wipe out what had just happened from their minds? She walked up to where he was seated. She sat next to him and held his hands.

“I should have worn even a short babe. The look on your friends’ faces was horrible.” Dan had said apologetically.

Tina went silent, wondering the many times she had asked him to be putting on at least shorts. She had told him that even when the shorts was uncomfortable and he felt like being naked around the house, at least he could wear boxers.

Several times, Dan had answered the door when neighbours were inquiring about something while naked, only a towel tied to his waist. All this while, Tina had been petrified at the thought of the towel falling and exposing his nakedness to people who were not supposed to see him in such a state.

When she mentioned that to him, he would try to reason that most of the time, he wears clothes when outside at work or even when running errands here and there.

“This body requires some form of freeness when necessary. I find that the best time to get that freeness is when am in the house alone or with you.” He’d say in his defence.

She had reasoned that it was not safe to have such a habit and that one day the towel would fall and things won’t be as good.

All her pleas and reasoning had fallen on deaf ears because he continued walking naked until today when one uncomfortable event happened.

“Yeah, you should have worn even a short. That could have prevented all this weirdness from happening.” Tina was honest in her response.

She wished Dan had confined his habit to nights. At night and in your bed, it was highly unlikely that someone would get a chance to see you naked. Unless in the case of a fire or an emergency that pushes people to flight mode where clothes become the last thing one would think about, and one might end up naked before other people run away from the same danger as you. Though you’d be naked, it would be understandable.

In this case, it was different. It was very hard to understand how such a thing could take place when the two lovebirds were waiting for their friends. Tina and Dan and even the friends knew things would be weird between them.

Tina, particularly knew that conversations would be filled with weird moments of silence that would, of course, be carrying the weirdness of this fateful day. But there wasn’t much she could do, but ask for a favour.

“Is it possible you confine this habit to at night, when we are in bed? Because I don’t think this should happen again.” Tina asked.

“I don’t think I can do that. It feels really good to stay and walk naked. I wish you could understand.”

With that answer, Tina knew things wouldn’t be the same between them, because she dreaded such a thing happening again. Since Dan was the type of man who would stick to his word, it was hopeless to continue asking. That day she knew that she would have to break up with Dan even though she loved him.

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