ZS EV Long Range now available at Australian MG Dealers, more MG 4 details expected soon

ZS EV Long Range now available at Australian MG Dealers, more MG 4 details expected soon

The MG ZS EV long range with 440km of range (WLTP), which was launched 2 months ago at Fully Charged LIVE Australia, is now “readily available to order”.

I talked with an MG Motor Australia spokesperson who told me that:

“The ZS EV Long Range is readily available to order in MG dealerships Australia wide. Wait times for MG vehicles including the new ZS EV Long Range are dependent on the model and specification (driveline/engine, Excite / Essence, colour and state). We advise customers to speak directly with their local dealer for information and availability.”

MG said that they fast tracked the arrival of the long range ZS EV to Australia following extensive customer feedback and unprecedented interest.

The ZS EV long range was initially launched in MG’s traditional home market the UK in late 2021. Australians should be aware that the UK version is not the same as the Australian version.

The differences between the Australian ZS EV Long Range and Standard Range Essence are:

  • Long Range can travel 440km WLTP vs Standard Range Essence 320km WLTP
  • Long Range has Privacy Rear Windows.

All versions of the ZS EV share the same body as MG’s petrol ZS model. However, the electric versions of the car have more generous specifications and inclusions.

The Australian version of the ZS EV long range will cost $57,709 in NSW drive away price, which is $8000 more than the similar specification ZS EV Standard Range Essence.

At that price point which is halfway between the BYD Atto 3 Extended Range and Tesla Model 3, it will be interesting to see if the ZS EV Long Range will be as popular in Australia as its Standard Range versions which are much more affordable.

MG Motor Australia is expected to announce more details about its MG 4 hatchback soon. That model (pictured above) was launched to an eager crowd at the recent Fully Charged LIVE Australia.

The MG 4 model is based on SAIC’s pure EV Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) and is expected to have an Australian drive-away price of about $50,000 for 435km of WLTP range.

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