Why You Shouldn’t Mount Your Phone To Your Bike

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Apple caused some confusion when they suggested that their latest flagship device, the iPhone 13, is the perfect device to mount to your bike. However, it’s since been ruled that mounting any smartphone to a motorcycle of any kind isn’t recommended. And there are tons of reasons why.

One of the first things to consider will arguably be something that non-bike riders won’t think about, and that’s vibration. When motorbikes and scooters are running, there will be vibration generated, and it will travel through the bike’s frame and up to where the phone is mounted. Vibrations can and ultimately will cause potentially serious problems, such as displacing magnets inside a handset, which can reduce image quality when taking pictures via in-built cameras, for example.

And, of course, what else can vibrations do? They can potentially dislodge a smartphone from its mount, which can lead to a handset being damaged. If a mobile falls as a bike is in motion, it could lead to a cracked screen. There could even be some crushing that occurs. And, it’s not going to be cheap to get a handset fixed, especially if it’s one of the latest to hit the market. You could be talking hundreds of pounds, so it makes sense not to mount a phone to a bike for this reason alone.

Something you can’t afford to happen when riding a bike is becoming distracted. If you’re riding along and playing casino games on your mobile, you won’t be giving the road or where you’re riding your full attention. And this can lead to crashes and people falling off their motorcycles or mountain bikes. So if you want to play games, especially immersive titles, it’s always best to wait until you’re off your bike. Let’s face it that way, you can also give a game your undivided attention, which means if you’re playing at online casinos, you could give yourself a better chance of walking away a winner.

When you’re out riding, you want to have a clear mind, right? But imagine mounting a phone that’s worth over a thousand pounds to your bike. Surely that’s going to increase the anxiety levels, at least slightly. Will you be able to relax with an iPhone13 attached to your bike? Many people would surely find it difficult. And this is going to have a negative impact on the riding experience as a whole.

If you must mount your phone to your bike, be it for work reasons or something else, the first step to take is to make sure everything is installed professionally, and the mount in use is of high quality. It may also be worth considering using a cheaper or an old device for this purpose. Then if something should go wrong, such as vibration impacting the handset negatively, it’s not going to matter as much or potentially cost a lot of money to repair.

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