Topanga World Championship Street Fighter V LAN Announced

Topanga World Championship Street Fighter V LAN Announced

A huge tournament to round off esports events for Street Fighter v has just been announced, the Topanga World Championship. This is going to be an international event. It’s being held in Japan with the top players from around the globe meeting in one place. One more outing before we move onto the first Street Fighter 6 esports tournaments.

This is how the Topanga World Championship is going to work, and how you can catch the tournament in May.

Topanga World Championship

The Topanga World Championship is a new event being held as one of the final tournaments for SFV before the Street Fighter 6 release date. The Topanga Championship is an ongoing Japanese event that’s ran over the previous few years. However, this final tournament in the series for Street Fighter V is going to be on another level. They’re inviting international players to the tournament for an expansive farewell to Street Fighter V.

The event will be taking place May 25-28th. It’s held in Japan. Although, the top players internationally are invited to attend. However, the event will also be streamed live.


The format at the World Championship is likely going to be the same as for previous tournaments in the series. These have opened with round-robin group stages. Here the competitors are whittled down a bit. Then we get to the finals with the best players from the event.

So far a few of the fighters have been announced already, we’ve had Tokido and EndingWalker confirmed to be taking part. There’s also a last play-off match to happen between Higuchi and Pugera. As we get closer to the event, more of the invited are going to be unveiled for the Topanga World Championship. Between EVO Japan and this event, there been a lot of Japanese international events for the end of Street Fighter V.

How to Watch the Topanga World Championship

The World Championship is going to be hosted on an official YouTube stream, for anyone who can’t quite make it to Japan for the event! The whole thing will be accessible on the Topanga_JPN YouTube channel. All rounds of the tournament are going to be broadcast on this stream, so you can catch the whole thing.

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