Portable Disses Saida Boj in New Song Teaser (Video)

Portable Disses Saida Boj in New Song Teaser (Video)

Nigerian singer, Portable has dissed controversial content creator Saida Boj in a new single.

He offered her some words of advice in his latest song.

Recall that Saida Boj gained attention after her appearance on Pulse Hot Takes, where she made triggering statements, including that only weak men do 50/50 in relationships.

She also claimed that a man must spend 20 million naira in the first week to show his seriousness.

Following her viral appearance, Portable discussed Saida Boj during an Instagram live session where he condemned her utterances.

Portable has now expressed his views on Saida Boj in a song titled “SaidaBoboje,” which he recently previewed on his social media.

In the sneak peek, Portable in Yoruba Proverbs advises Saida Boj against leading a reckless life while criticizing her perspectives on romantic relationships.

This latest diss track follows Portable’s trend of turning his personal experiences and conflicts into music.

Listen to the song below

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