Logistics Firm BEST Inc. Launches SaaS Tool for Douyin Live-streaming Management

Logistics Firm BEST Inc. Launches SaaS Tool for Douyin Live-streaming Management

Logistics firm BEST Inc. has launched a SaaS tool for Douyin’s live-streaming management, Beijing Business Today reported on Monday. This tool provides services such as managing orders, distributing commissions and calculating live-streamers’ potential for merchants.

In the live-streaming room, multiple live-streamers need to take turns introducing the targeted goods. The new tool can link different live-streamers and their broadcast time so as to calculate the commission of their revenue later. Merchants can also put goods on shelves in batches through the system. In addition, the needs of sample management, live-streamers’ performance comparison and multi-store order summaries can also be organized through the new tool.

In fact, many enterprises have launched various software centered around Douyin’s live-streaming service, often covering a certain subdivision on the platform. For example, Kriston AI is a third-party customer service system that supports the access of enterprises on Douyin. Feigua and Chanmama are third-party data analysis platforms for Douyin’s live streaming.

Before becoming a technology service provider for Douyin, BEST Inc. also provided applications for convenience stores, such as providing data management services for mom-and-pop stores. However, due losses incurred in that business, the company abandoned the project in November 2020.

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After selling its express delivery business to J&T Express, BEST Inc. still faced pressure throughout 2021. The company’s financial report shows that in 2021, its revenue was 11.426 billion yuan ($1.7 billion), a year-on-year increase of 8.5%, while its operating net loss was 1.264 billion yuan.

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