Line Friends Meets Azuki in the Cutest NFT Collab

Line Friends Meets Azuki in the Cutest NFT Collab

Chiru Labs, the Web3 startup behind leading NFT project Azuki and sub-project Beanz, announces a partnership with IPX, the company behind the “Line Friends” characters. These characters were originally created as stickers for the popular Japanese messaging app “LINE”. Azuki’s Beanz NFT characters will encounter Brown and other figures from the popular South Korean franchise.

A picture of Azuki NFT Beanz characters in costumes of LINE Friends characters

Azuki NFT x LINE Friends: Breaking New Ground in Web3

On Wednesday, Chiru Labs and IPX announced that they have started working together to collaborate on various media. These include content, merchandise, retail distribution, real-life activations, and immersive metaverse experiences. The partnership initially focuses on the Beanz NFTs and Line Friends characters.

IPX has expanded from its Line Friends roots and is now an innovative intellectual property (IP) brand. The company has previously partnered with Starbucks, Netflix, McDonald’s, and the K-Pop band BTS. Both brands celebrate this partnership at NFT NYC this week. An animation featuring some of the NFT characters will be displayed on a billboard above the Line Friends store in New York’s Times Square during NFT.NYC this week.

The official announcement tweet from Azuki states “To celebrate the partnership between IPX & Chiru Labs, LINE FRIENDS kigu equips are available to BEANZ holders for a limited time in the Collector’s Profile!”. Moreover, there are two Line Friends kigus currently available to equip: Brown & Sally. By Sunday, April 16th, holders who dress their BEANZ with a LINE FRIENDS Kigu and share it on Twitter using the hashtag #BEANZKigu receive a unique badge on their Collector’s Profile.

After its launch in 2011, Line Friends opened several stores offering specialized merchandise. It has also opened amusement parks, Netflix “Brown and Friends,” and a partnership with the K-Pop band BTS. The latest collaboration allows both parent companies to enter, expand, and navigate new territory in web3.

More About the Partnership

As of the time of writing, Azuki has a floor price of 15 ETH (~$30,000). The NFT project and the team are pioneers in the space, innovating pathbreaking ideas and pushing the space forward. It is no wonder the project has a total volume of over 473,083 ETH. It is also easily considered top 5 NFT projects of all time. In fact, just 10 hours ago, an Azuki #3628 sold for around $626,288!

We are excited to collaborate with IPX, which is a global leader in building innovative character IP brands beloved by millions of fans around the world,” states Azuki founder Zagabond in a press release. “IP is evolving, and we see the web3 community as an integral part of this next wave.”

Additionally, IPX has collaborated with companies including Samsung, Starbucks, Meta, and Vans in the past. The Azuki x Line Friends collaboration is a huge step forward in connecting the already huge user base of LINE with global web3 media and characters.

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