Infinite Lagrange is celebrating Earth Day 2023 with numerous events and a new fighter ship

Infinite Lagrange is celebrating Earth Day 2023 with numerous events and a new fighter ship

As we close in on 2023’s Earth Day celebrations on April 22nd, more and more developers are deciding to use games as a platform to spread awareness about saving the planet. NetEase is joining the fray as its grand sci-fi mobile game Infinite Lagrange will host festivities from April 19th onwards. Players can expect themed traditions, surprises, and a new Fighter blueprint up for grabs.

While pioneers in Infinite Lagrange have left Earth millions of lightyears away, the connection to their home planet can never be severed. To commemorate this bond, numerous organizations have joined hands in order to celebrate Earth Day. Players from all over the galaxy display their love for the planet by showcasing its rich and diverse culture.

From April 21st to 23rd, players will experience the Warp Bells Listening tradition every night between 8:00 and 10:00 pm. The featured event this year is called the LUCA Movement, which celebrates the homology of life. It is based on the origin and evolution of life and players can listen to it as well.

But what most players are looking for, is the new Fighter. Developed by Dawn Accord, the blueprint of their new spaceship, AT021, will be unveiled during the Earth Day event. It has three variants, the first is a Pulse Attacker that boosts a single barrel large calibre pulse machine gun, whereas the Tactical Attack contains an information interference function that can temporarily reduce the hit rate of the target’s weapon system.

On the other hand, the AT021’s third variant, a Heavy Attacker has its main system replaced by a Precision Strike System alongside a Small Missile Launcher Nest that can accurately strike the system of large ships. The Airborne Anti-Ship Missiles don’t make it any easier for the opponent.

Celebrate Earth Day by downloading Infinite Lagrange now for free.

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