How are Katy Perry and King Charles friends?

How are Katy Perry and King Charles friends?

US pop star Katy Perry became the social media star of the coronation on Saturday when she wondered around under her gargantuan fascinator looking for her seat inside Westminster Abbey, tripped over and posed for selfies.

So how did the 38-year-old Hot N Cold singer become close enough with the ruler of the King of England to nab a seat at the formal ceremony, before hitting the stage at the coronation concert the next day?

It may seem a strange friendship – the 74-year-old monarch and a pop star whose most famous lyrics depict a night of tabletop dancing, binge-drinking and threesomes – but Perry is ambassador for British Asian Trust – which was founded by King Charles in 2007.

The Trust works to tackle the widespread poverty and hardship in South Asia.


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In 2020, then Prince Charles appointed Perry ambassador of the trust, after meeting the Last Friday Night star in Mumbai the year before, according to Forbes.

The Prince of Wales at the time said Perry was given the position because of her “long-standing commitment to charitable causes around the world”, although the move was criticised by some with Perry being neither British nor Asian.

After Charles made the official appointment, Perry referenced her friendship with the now-King and said he was a “very kind soul,” the Independent reported back in 2020.

How are King Charles and Katy Perry friends?

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How are King Charles and Katy Perry friends?

“He asked me if I could sing to his plants. And I will, in the future, you have my word, Sir.”

While many – including Harry Styles and Adele – reportedly turned down invitations to perform at the coronation concert at Windsor Castle, Perry took centre stage (much to the delight of Princess Charlotte).

The King and Queen even made a surprise appearance on American Idol on Monday, joining judges Perry and Lionel Richie who were broadcasting live from Windsor Castle after the concert.

Perry and Richie were met by the British monarchs, who jokingly asked how long they were planning to use the room for.

”Are we making too much noise?” Perry joked in response.

During the concert she told the crowd she had brought her mother to the UK and checked out Windsor Castle.

She dedicated her song Firework to the King and, “the work that we get to do together for the British Asian Trust and their Children Protection Fund.

“Thanks for bringing out the firework in so many young people.”

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