Google shows shipping and return information in the search results

Google shows shipping and return information in the search results

Google expanded the display of shipping and return information on Google Search text results for merchant sites while adding new reporting to Search Console to monitor and fix the structured data related to these e-commerce features, Google wrote.

Several months ago, we saw Google show return and shipping information in the search results snippets. Now Google is saying this feature has been expanded to show more details.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot from Google where Google can not just show the product’s price but also the shipping and return information:

Shipping And Returns Information 800x354

Google said this is available in Google Search in the US with support for more countries soon.

How do I get these snippets. Google said to show shipping and returning information on product search results within Google Search you need to add the information using structured data markup. If you already submit your product information to Google in the Merchant Center, Google will use your shipping and returns information from Google Merchant Center as well. So either use structured data markup or submit the information via Google Merchant Center.

Search Console reports. Also, Google launched Search Console reports to monitor and fix the structured data required to enable this display of the return and shipping details. Google said, “If your products don’t have shipping and return information or the shipping and return information was added incorrectly, you’ll receive warnings in the Merchant Listings report and via email notifications.”

Merchant Listings Search Console 800x574

Why we care. If you sell products, adding the shipping and return details to your snippet, in addition the product price, reviews and other rich results can not only help you gain attention and visibility of your snippets within Google Search but also may impact your click-through rate from Google Search.

If you have outstanding shipping and return policies, you may want to highlight that through Google Merchant Center and structured data so that can be visible within Google Search.

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