FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: Winners, Highlights & More

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: Winners, Highlights & More

After months of effort in the Arena Mode, Fortnite Championship Series players have seen all their hard work either come to fruition or result in frustration. Everyone who made it to the Grand Finals did come away with some money, but the more successful teams came away with a lot more.


FNCS Grand Finals Chapter 3 Season 3: Top placers and highlights

Each region had 50 duos who were ready and able to make a run for the cash, but ultimately, only a few did. Here’s how the top of the leaderboards looked in each region and some highlights from the matches.

Europe – JannisZ and Vadea dominate

Europe had the largest FNCS prize pool, with the top spot taking home $300,000. Incredibly, that prize money went to JannisZ and Vadeal of Wave Esports after a tremendous showing in the European Grand Finals.

They were closely followed by the duo of Malbuca and Merstach, who earned a stellar $200,000. Third place and $150,000 went to Queasy and Veno, who were closely followed by JoeFN and zAndy. They won $120,000. In fifth, with a prize money total of a well-earned $100,000, was Anas and Pinq.

NA East – Commandment and Avery

On the other hand, NA East players competed for the top prize of $160,000. Commandment and Avery came out on top, earning that much in a dazzling display. Mero and Bugha, one of the most interesting teams in NA East, fell just short of the top prize money. However, they still earned $100,000.

PaMstou and Fatch took third, earning a cool $80,000. Behind them, Dukezand Clix took home $56,000. Fifth place and $40,000 went to Ajerss and Khanada, who were also a favorite to win some cash this season.

NA West – Favs and Snacky

In NA West, the top FNCS prize of $45,000 was earned by Favs and Snacky, who scored 414 points. In second, Rehx and Reet took home $36,000. Arkhram and EpikWhale (1st/3rd on our Best Fortnite Players list) came in third and earned $28,000.

Fourth place was taken by Bacon and Zookes, who ended up with a cool $22,000.


In Brazil, the top spot was earned by KBR and Xeat. They earned the most money with $80,000. However, second place earned $60,000. That was Retake and Barroso. Redlee and Scarpa had the same amount of points as Retake and Barroso, but ended in third. They won $50,000. Behind them, Seeyun and EdRoadToGlory took fifth and $40,000.


In Asia, this is what the FNCS leaderboard looked like:

  1. Runa and Melius, $30,000
  2. Alice and Wickesy, $20,000
  3. Rainy and Albedo, $16,000
  4. FLeder and Harukiyo, $10,000


In Oceania, the competition was not that close. The first place duo of volx and looter had 82 more points than second place en route to $18,000. That second place duo was Alex and Baily, who earned $12,000. Fishr and tuii earned third place and took home $9,000.


(Image via volx on YouTube)

Middle East

The final leaderboard in the Middle East looks like this:

  1. Krool and Asta, $25,000
  2. Xx731 and Bleed, $16,000
  3. Puma and Murloc, $12,000
  4. Kalgamer710 and NM7, $6,000

Many of these duos will regroup and begin working for next season.

All in all, we had a good season, and we are tweaking our summer time power ranking soon. Stay tuned with our Fortnite News section for updates.

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