Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Ron DeSantis’ COVID leadership should sound really familiar

Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Ron DeSantis’ COVID leadership should sound really familiar

Time marches on, and with it, so does Donald Trump in his seemingly never-ending quest to destroy Ron DeSantis and take him out of the 2024 presidential race before he even gets into it. One of Trump’s favorite attacks on DeSantis has to do with DeSantis’ COVID response.

Recall that back in January, Trump claimed that DeSantis had signed a law that allowed for mandatory COVID vaccinations and that he had shut down Florida.

President Trump on TruthSocial promoting the lie that DeSantis signed a law allowing for forced vaccinations.@ReOpenChris Want to let Roger know?

— Facts Nordau (@MaxNordau) January 30, 2023

Those were bald-faced lies, of course. As are these recent remarks:

VIDEO: President Trump attacks Gov. DeSantis’s handling of COVID in Florida.

“He didn’t do well on COVID. He had more deaths than almost every country, in Florida. The thing he did well on was public relations because the numbers weren’t what they pretended to be.”

— Facts Nordau (@MaxNordau) April 21, 2023

This, ladies and gentlemen, is textbook gaslighting. Historical revisionism from a pathological historical revisionist. It’s genuinely insane for him to say this stuff about Ron DeSantis, and it’s insane to listen to.

Donald Trump is banking on all of us being too stupid and too enamored with him to remember that he was the guy who repeatedly made the wrong decisions on COVID while Ron DeSantis was busy following science.

Trump is just flat out lying here. DeSantis, along with some other GOP governors handled Covid massively better than blue states. That’s just a fact. And we all know it.

— David Marcus (@BlueBoxDave) April 21, 2023

Even The Atlantic disagrees with Trump. 😂😂😂

— Florida Grand (@florida_grand) April 21, 2023

Donald Trump sounds like a Democrat when criticizing Ron DeSantis’s COVID policies.

— Jesse (@JesseFrom612) April 21, 2023

And how.

INBOX: Trump releases a lengthy statement trashing DeSantis, claiming he’s made “Florida…one of the least affordable states,” “raised taxes…$1.5 billion,” & one of the worst states to work, retire, raise kids, crime, rent, give birth, die, be a cop, teach, & pay energy bills

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) April 21, 2023

The rhetoric from Donald Trump is literally the same as that of Democrat Gavin Newsom.

I’d bet you couldn’t tell the difference if I posted them anonymously. Two peas in a pod.

— Pradheep J. Shanker (@Neoavatara) April 21, 2023

All of Trump’s criticisms of Ron DeSantis — on COVID and everything else — could easily be mistaken for Gavin Newsom’s.

Trump attacking DeSantis again from the left .

— American Trenches (@usatrenches) April 21, 2023

Does any of this sound familiar? It should:

Honestly can’t believe we are here now

— PhotographicFloridian (@JackLinFLL) April 21, 2023

Spot the difference between Donald Trump and Rebekah Jones

— Social Distance Champion (@realchrishynes) April 21, 2023

Two peas in a pod.

Said two days ago Trump is going to use Rebekah Jones as an attack.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) April 21, 2023

Looks like you called it, Steeze.

At this rate his VP pick will be Rebekah Jones

— Wet Bandit🇺🇸🚰 (@DPShuffle) April 21, 2023

There’s a nonzero chance that that will be the case.



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