Congress doesn’t need PK, capable of revival on its own, says Prashant Kishor | Exclusive

Congress doesn’t need PK, capable of revival on its own, says Prashant Kishor | Exclusive

A couple of days after announcing that he had declined the Congress’ ‘generous offer’ to join the party, poll strategist Prashant Kishor said that the party is capable of revival on its own and does not need him.

In an exclusive interview with Aaj Tak, he said, “The Congress leadership and I agreed on several things with regard to the party’s future plan. But they can do it on their own, they have so man big leaders. They don’t need me. They offered and I said no.”

He said he did not want any role in the party but only wanted that once a blueprint for the future is agreed upon, it should be implemented.

“What I wanted to tell them, I did. For the first time since 2014, the party has discussed its future in such a structured way… But I had some doubts about the Empowered Action Group, that they wanted me to part of, which would be in charge of implementing changes,” he added.


After the talks between the Congress and Prashant Kishor fell through earlier this week, it was reported that PK wanted Priyanka Gandhi as the party chief but the party leadership did not agree.

Responding to the rumour, Prashant Kishor told Aaj Tak, “In the leadership formula given to the party, there was neither the name of Rahul nor Priyanka Gandhi. I cannot tell you what was proposed privately.”

Further, he said that Rahul Gandhi is his friend. “Who am I to decide Rahul Gandhi’s position?” he said. Prashant Kishor added that Rahul Gandhi’s image, which has been dented by the BJP’s attacks, can be rebuilt. “See the change in PM Modi’s image from 2002 to now – of course, it is possible.”

Prashant Kishor also said that he did not take any money from the Congress to prepare and suggest a plan for the future to them.


Speaking on the Congress’ chances against the BJP in future, he said, “It is a very deep-rooted party. It would be wrong to say they don’t stand a chance. But they need to make some changes.”

“I don’t know who will challenge PM Modi in 2024,” he added. “The state elections cannot predict the Lok Sabha election.”

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