Beware of Impulsive Women Like Annie Idibia If You Want To Live Long – Dr Penking

Beware of Impulsive Women Like Annie Idibia If You Want To Live Long – Dr Penking

Social media commentator and relationship advisor, Dr. Penking has criticized actress, Annie Idibia on social media for unfollowing her husband, 2Face Idibia after he flew to London to spend time with his three children and baby mama, Pero Adeniyi

A look at Annie Idibia’s profile reveals that she has not only unfollowed 2Face Idibia but she has also removed all of his photos from her page.

Reacting to her move, Dr. Penking, who described Annie as impulsive, cautioned men to be careful with women of her kind if they really want to live long on earth.

Dr. Penking asserted that Annie is the kind of lady who can stab you with the tiniest provocation and then regret it afterward.

His tweets reads below;

“Men, beware of impulsive women like Annie if you want to live a long, happy life. 2face was very respected in this country until Annie started heaping faeces all over him. People then started disrespecting him including Gstring wearing Brymo . Small provocation

“And she came on social media dragging not only 2face but his entire family. She later apologized and was all over him when he released his new single. But the damage had already been done. Now, another small provocation, she has unfollowed him.

“You now expect him to abandon the kids because of you? Why? Aren’t they humans too? Don’t they deserve their father’s love and attention too? Are you a witch?

“This is the kind of woman that can stab you with the slightest provocation and regret later. But by the time she’d regret, it will already be too late because you’d be 6 feet below the ground stone cold. One thousand women in 2face’s life and he still chose the wrong one.”

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