ARABEL Production Premieres, ‘’The 2 AISHAS’, Movie

ARABEL Production Premieres, ‘’The 2 AISHAS’, Movie

On Sunday, 23rd of April 2023, Arabel Productions premiered the long-anticipated movie ‘The Two Aisha’. The movie which was all about trust, love, betrayal, friendship, and patience, had casts like Maryam Booth, Rahma Sadau, Shushu Abubakar, Akeem Ogara, Paul Utomi and more, was watched by many at the Jewel Aeida Cinema Hall in Lekki Lagos. The event which started around 3:30 pm had King of Event as its coordinator and VJ Adams as the host. It started with the red carpet and many guests and celebrities were present. It took over two hours before the commencement of the premiere. In the course of the event, City people had a  chat with some of the celebrities at the event on what they thought about the movie.  Vj Adams, a popular presenter, said that the movie is a special movie and he has been anticipating seeing it ever since he heard about it. “It’s the first time Arabel is producing a movie and I believe it’s going to be one of a kind. One of the cast in the movie, Shushu Abubakar, who played Alima said that The Two Aishas is an educative movie on how one should be loved, trusted and even when betrayed, the person should have patience and still believe in love. “I was the middle friend our the Aishas. To be honest, I don’t need to tell you about it. You need to go in and see it for yourself and when it’s over, you will see what love and Patience could do to us if given a chance,” she said.  Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme, said he didn’t even watch the trailer because he wants to get all the suspense and intrigue involved in the movie. “I didn’t care about the trailer. In fact, I was invited and I’m so excited to watch it for the first time because I know the Producer and the Cast and I believe and know they are going to do justice to the movie. Mrs Shareefah Abiola Andu, CEO, of Arabel Productions said that this is her first movie but can’t wait to do more. “This movie is about the Muslim faith, love, friendship, patience, and trust. At first, when I was writing the script, I didn’t see it as just for the Muslim faithfuls but for the unity of both the Christians and Muslims. “If you can see, some of my Cast are not Muslims. The Director is a Christian and so are some of the Crew. All I want is to give society the best and I know that after watching the premiere, many would watch it in full at the cinemas nationwide tomorrow, the 24th of April,” she said. At about 8 pm, the premiere ended and the Producer took time to thank the guests and her cast. She called all the people involved in the success of the movie, the cast, and all the crew members and thanked them all. “I don’t know how to thank you all for your contributions to the making of this movie. My casts were wonderful and the crews are the best,” she said. She urged the guests to tell their friends and families nationwide, to go to the cinemas tomorrow and watch the movie in full. “The movie is about being a good citizen, by paying your taxes. But what we saw here is just a glance of the movie. Tell your friends and everyone you know to take time and visit the cinemas to see The Two Aishas and I promise they won’t regret it,” Arabel boss said. The Two Aishas is an educative movie about friendship, betrayal, patience, and trust.

It’s also about the love that exists among Muslims, and no matter what they are going through, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel for makeup.

By Benprince Ezeh


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