Apple may launch AirPods with USB-C charging cases in 2023

Apple may launch AirPods with USB-C charging cases in 2023

Slowly but surely, Apple is making the switch to USB Type-C across its wide range of devices. MacBooks have been shipping with USB-C charging ports for years. They were joined by the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini recently. We are still waiting for a USB-C iPhone, but in the meantime, a new report suggests the AirPods charging case could be next.

AirPods with USB-C charging case rumored

On Tuesday, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his latest prediction on Twitter. Kuo predicts that Apple will launch USB-C charging cases for “all AirPods models” in 2023. He did not specify whether or not the new charging cases will ship with the AirPods or if they will be available separately and you’ll have to pay extra to upgrade.

I predict Apple will launch USB-C-capable charging cases for all AirPods models in 2023. However, the charging case of the new AirPods Pro 2 launched in 2H22 may still support Lightning.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) August 9, 2022

Previous rumors have suggested that the second-generation AirPods Pro will launch this fall. Apple might unveil them alongside the iPhone 14 in September. If this timeline is accurate, it is unlikely the AirPods Pro 2 will ship with a USB-C charging case. Instead, the AirPods Pro 2 will have the same case with a Lightning port as other AirPods.

Apple adopting a new charging standard

Apple’s timeline for adopting a new port across its product lines was likely accelerated by a European Union law that would make USB-C “the common charging port” for most portable electronics by fall 2024. This includes mobile phones, tablets, headphones, earbuds, cameras, e-readers, and more. Basically, if you can lug it around with you and use it on the go, it needs to have a USB-C charger. It doesn’t spare Apple’s iPhones or AirPods.

Unless Apple is prepared to stop selling products in Europe after next year, it’s time to move to USB-C. Kuo previously predicted that the iPhone 15 would be Apple’s first USB-C iPhone. If so, it makes sense for AirPods to make the switch next year as well.

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