2025 Beta RX 300 and 450 – New Frames and Added Muscle for the Two-Stroke!

Beta has unveiled the 2025 RX model series, introducing chassis and engine updates for the 300cc two-stroke and 450 4T closed-course motocross bikes!

The RX 450 was Betamotor’s first four-stroke motocross bike. Derived from the prototype that raced in the MXGP World Championship, this model has been a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts for the past four years. However, Betamotor never stops innovating and has now turned its attention to the RX 300 2T.

More Power for the 300cc Two-Stroke? Yes, Please!

The RX 300 2T was originally introduced in 2021 as a cross-country bike exclusively for the US market. Inspired by the enduro world, this bike has evolved over time and has now become a full-fledged motocross beast. Betamotor has meticulously revamped every detail of the RX 300 to make it suitable for the motocross scene.

What Changed for the 2025 Model Year?

New Chassis: The new frame, specially designed for motocross, with wider main beams and redesigned parts, makes the RX 300 more robust and balanced. This translates to excellent performance in sharp turns and tough jumps.

Rear Subframe and Airbox: The aluminum rear subframe and airbox inherited from the RX 450 are also used in the new RX 300.

Suspension: The 48mm Kayaba fork and new mono shock enhance the balance and precision of the RX 300.

Braking System: The Nissin braking system features 260mm discs at the front and 240mm discs at the rear. New, lighter, and more performance-oriented calipers offer superior braking performance.

Engine and Exhaust: The new cylinder, high-compression head, and modified intake manifolds provide the engine with exceptional thrust and excellent performance at high RPMs. The five-speed gearbox and new exhaust system are also noteworthy!

Shared Updates

The RX 300 and RX 450 also share several features:
  • New Footpegs: Enhanced performance and control with new footpegs.
  • Swing Arm: The rear wheel axle has been increased to 22mm for added strength.
  • Silent Block Handlebar: New handlebars that reduce vibrations and increase comfort.

Betamotor’s Vision: RideAbility

Betamotor’s RideAbility concept aims to offer every rider a vehicle that is both easy to handle and high-performing. This philosophy lies at the core of our commitment to delivering the ultimate riding experience.🤘🏻

More information: www.betamotor.com

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