Tesla submits application to expand German plant, report says

Tesla submits application to expand German plant, report says

BERLIN – Tesla Inc. has submitted an application to build on a further 247 acres east of its plant in Germany, expanding the site’s area by a third, a local media outlet reported, citing the local mayor.

The automaker, which already has 740 acres of land for its auto factory and battery plant under construction, planned to build a freight station, logistics areas and parking spaces on the additional space, Gruenheide mayor Arne Christiani told RBB.

The municipality’s main committee will discuss the matter on June 2. If it makes a recommendation, the municipal council could decide on it on June 23, Automobilwoche, a sibling publication of Automotive News, also reported.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Gruenheide plant, which at full capacity will produce 500,000 electric cars a year, began production in March 2022 after a series of licensing delays that CEO Elon Musk said ran counter to the urgency needed to tackle climate change.

Local water suppliers warned when Tesla was granted final approval to begin production at the factory that servicing any future expansion to the plant will be impossible without importing water from other regions.

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