Pokémon Unite Reveals In-Game Subscription Service

Pokémon Unite Reveals In-Game Subscription Service

Get your Pokédollars ready

Pokemon Unite
Image: TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio has unveiled a new in-game subscription service for Pokémon Unite, the hugely popular MOBA that recently surpassed 70 million downloads. Called the ‘Pokémon Unite Membership’, this scheme will give players monthly rewards for signing up for the service.

Don’t worry, Pokémon Unite will remain free to play, and the rewards, for now, are mostly cosmetics and costumes, though some extra currency will handed out, too.

Pokemon Unite Subscription Service
Image: TiMi Studio

Serebii has translated what the monthly subscription service will give, along with one or two bonuses for signing up for the service, which we’ve listed below (thanks, Serebii!):

  • A special Holowear of the month
  • Two free license trials
  • Two Holoware Licesne trials a week
  • Brand new Chat Balloons
  • 10% discount on Trainer Fashion
  • 40 free Gems every day

As a reward for signing up, you’ll also get a fashion set designed around the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa, which is pretty darn pink and pretty darn adorable.

The Pokémon Unite Membership will cost 1150 Yen a month, which equals $8.99 or £7.15, though official pricing outside of Japan has not been revealed yet. We also don’t know when the service will launch, but we’ll let you know as soon as it does.

How do you feel about the subscription service? Let us know down below.

[source serebii.net]

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